It’s official.

As of last Thursday, I am DONE with my treatments!  :-)

I am so happy, but kind of apprehensive too.  For the last seven months, I’ve been doing something to rid my body of breast cancer.  Appointments, surgery, chemotherapy, more appointments, radiation, etc.  It feels kind of strange that everything is done. Just like that.  I have moments of “YES!  I did it!” followed by “Is it really over?  Is it gone?  For good?”  It’s a very strange mix of feelings…

What’s next, right?

Well, not much actually.  I see the radiation oncologist in a few weeks so he can check out my skin.  (Despite all the creams and ointments, I still have some blistered and very sore areas on my chest.)  I have a mammogram in 6 months, but no other scans scheduled–only blood work.  My first blood work and follow up with my oncologist will be in April.  The blood work will be looking for elevations in certain lab levels that would indicate the return or metastasis of this cancer.  If there are any elevations, the next step would be a scan of some sort.  I’ll continue to have blood work and meet with my oncologist every four months for at least a year.  The oncology follow up continues for years after that, but truthfully–I don’t pay much attention past one year.  (This brain can only handle so much!)

I will continue to post oncology updates here as they come, but for the most part–our blog will be updated with “family stuff” and happenings from now on.  :-)  We are hopeful and pray that all of the on-going lab tests are normal.  We hope that this is the end of our cancer journey.  Josh and I are so greatful for all of the prayers, gifts, meals, gas cards, hugs, and love that we have been given this past year.  We are so incredibly blessed.  Thank you!!


11 thoughts on “Done!

  1. How wonderful to be able to put this part of this tough road behind you, and start getting back to a normal life! You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers that your lab results come back ok.

  2. Halleluia!!!!! Praise God. I just know that things are going to be good for you. All the prayers are being answered. Love you guys, Brenda

  3. Way to go Cassie! What a LONG journey it has been – you’re such a trooper.
    Love you guys! I know you have kicked cancer’s BUTT!!!! hugs

  4. Finally done! I’m so proud of your strength throughout that long year of treatments! Somehow those 7 months feel like a whole year to me. Love you!

  5. You did it Cassie! :) Your strength is so inspiring! Still thinking of you and praying for you often. Sending hugs your way!

  6. Josh and Cassie, I am very happy for you guys!! Cassie, your inspiration thru all this has been phenomenal !! My thoughts and prayers are staying w/ you guys! You had a great team of people behind you, and I want to stay along with your team of people! We are just the minors, your determination has given you a beautiful rainbow!!! Love you guys!!

  7. Well I couldn’t NOT respond!!! Had to keep it going!! I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it a million more- you are awesome, you rock and you kick major a$$!!!! So proud of you and keep on keepin’ on!!

  8. Cassie how wonderful for you and your family. May all the blessings come your way and the sun continue to shine brightly for the future. May every test come back CANCER FREE.

  9. Many months ago I said with a heavy heart that a beautiful, phenomenal woman (who happened to be friend & past co-worker) was diagnosed with this horrible disease. But if there was anyone I knew that could beat it, it was her! Along with many others, our family has prayed for you & read your amazing stories of your journey & cried for you & your pain (both physical & emotional). Cassie I have to tell you…to this day you will be one of the most amazing women I have ever known. You have made an impact on my family’s life, just be being you (not just now but as a nurse as well). I’m so happy for you, Josh, Tate, & Mia…you can now move on to the next chapter your beautiful life. Glory be to God <3

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